About The Funeral Of My Hair

Lee White is an Impro Embassy regular, an impro theater legend worldwide, an amazing performer and a good friend. He's travelled the world performing and teaching impro, first as part of the legendary duo CRUMBS and in recent years solo as well as in many international impro productions. The Ratibor Theatre is what he calls his home stage, and we're glad to take this next big step together with him on Thursday, April 11.
We want to invite you to a night at the Ratibor that has never been seen before. A passing, a celebration, a happening. Join us for a deeply personal impro show, an evening with improvisers from all around the world, a night filled with memories, a step into the unknown, a discovery of the future. Let's say goodbye to Lee's hair together in this once in a lifetime show.

The Funeral Of My Hair

With Lee White, Reverend Robert G. Slade and exciting international guest performers like Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Daniel Orrantia, Christoph Jungmann, Briana Rayner and many more!

In English.